Ama Landscaping and Snow Plowing services include commercial and residential landscaping, snow plowing, lawn cutting and spring clean ups Lawn Cutting and Maintenance | Landscaping | Snowplowing
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Weekly Mowing / Lawn Maintenance
Our lawn maintenance program consist of mowing the property once a week on a scheduled day, string trimming around all obstacles and clearing all debris. Regular lawn maintenance is an important element of a successful landscape. Proper lawn mowing practices will promote turf growth, discourage weeds and disease, and protect soil from loosing moisture. Let the professionals at AMA Landscaping maintain your lawn to keep it healthy year round.

Custom Landscape Design
From the small to the large job every project we take on is as important to us as it is to you. We take pride in our work let us collaborate with you to create the garden and look that best fits your specific needs.

Spring and fall clean-ups
After a long winter there is a lot of work to be done to prepare for the summer season. It's the best time to pull weeds, redefine those bed edges, clean up any mess left behind from the winter months and lay down that fresh mulch that will give your home a fresh look. When it comes to cleaning up in fall this is the most crucial part of the clean-up process. Fall cleaning is important to make sure you enter the winter months with clean and protected garden beds that are free of leaves and weeds that will hinder the health of your garden and making sure all those pretty but pesky fall leaves are free and cleared off your property to prevent any damage to your lawn.

Decorative walkways and retaining walls 
We offer a wide variety of hardscape needs including decorative walkways using many varieties of materials from loose gravel pathways to flagstone walkways and everything in between. These beautiful walkways can create a buffer between two parts of your yard that have little in common visually and make it look like a masterfully created art piece.  We also do a variety of retaining walls tailored for your specific needs.

Gutter cleaning 
We offer complete removal of all debris that may clog up your gutters and cause problems down the road. You can prevent these problems with our gutter cleaning service.

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